Tuesday, June 9, 2009

*sniff* Do you smell that?

It's Cake Decorating Tuesday. Last night I put my cake in the oven then ventured to the sewing room to work on other projects. BAD IDEA. I became absorbed in sewing, feeding Bets and putting her to bed and didn't start making frosting until 9:15 last night. Lesson learned, make the cake over the weekend, make the frosting Sunday night. We're practicing stars and writing in class tonight. I originally planed to make a cake in the Wilton book but After mixing five different frosting colors I gave up. We'll see what I come up with this evening.

Since I go straight to cake decorating class I had to bring my supplies (cake decor kit, tote bag full of supplies, frosted cake, seven tupperware containers of frosting, kitchen sink) to work with me. And I wimped out: if I had made two more colors I would be able to make the cake recommended in the Wilton book. What's that sweet smell drifting out my office door you ask? The cake and seven containers of frosting!

I can't wait to get decorating :)


  1. Did you bring your food coloring along? You could still probably make more colors when you get to class from some of your white frosting. I never once used the amount they said in the book. It's like an overestimate on almost everything.

    Making all that frosting blows doesn't it? That's definitely my least favorite part!

  2. I did bring my colors!

    Maybe I can throw some yellow together in class, or bum some of another student :)