Saturday, June 6, 2009

Been busy baking

I posted on the other blog... I have a new toy, a Kitchen Aid Artisan mixer. It's pretty fabulous! Thursday night I made a lemon pound cake. Last night I wanted to practice using my new cake decorating supplies (cake turner, cake cutter, 8 inch Wilton cake pan) so I broke out the mixer again to make a yellow cake with butter cream frosting. It turned out OK. The good news, I had no problem cutting the cake in half, and my frosting came out at the correct consistency. The bad news, my #16 cake tip I use for making stars had a skirmish with the drain disposal last time I used it (and lost). The frosting came out in the texture I would use to make a poodle. Until next time.

Lemon Pound Cake

I love this baking tool!

Unfrosted cake

Finished cake

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