Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome to the new blog!

Hey guys, welcome to the new blog!

While life with Betsy, Ben and Madison keeps me pretty busy, I enjoy entertaining our friends and loved ones as well as being crafty! This blog is in the pursuit of documenting the dinner parties, barbecues, showers, and birthday parties I've hosted as well as the sewing, scrap booking, decorating and baking I attempt. So many times I don't take pictures or write down the directions on how to do something and I later regret it. I also hope to have pictures and input from friends and family who also enjoy entertaining and crafting. I think it's great to share ideas.

To get started I'm going to back track over the past year or so. Feel free to email me any ideas you'd like me to add to the blog!


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  1. Great idea Shan! By the way, when I send payment for baby boy blanket, I'm going to send you a little gift to help in your new scrapbooking endeavors! :)