Thursday, May 14, 2009

That Sew Shannon

I think I've mentioned once or twice on the other blog that I have a small sewing business named That Sew Shannon. Here's how it started:

About ten years ago my fabulous Aunt Mary (my Mom's twin sister) began embroidering on her first machine (the same model I own now). Mary has a creative gift. For years she would sew and embroider purses, blankets, towels, koozies... you name it, I've seen Mary make it!

Several years later my Dad bought my mom an embroidering machine. During college my Mom and I would embroider sorority and fraternity sweatshirts, blankets, bags and towels and I would sell them to my friends on campus. I would reimburse my Mom for the expenses, and we would split the profits. It came in handy for pocket money while a broke college kid (and helped me develop sales and marketing experience!).

Last Christmas my Mom and Dad surprised me with a refurbished sewing and embroidering machine. The Babylock Esante...

...the next month I took a sewing class on a Saturday morning. I had embroidered before but sewing intimidated me. I fell in love with sewing and embroidering. The first pattern I bought was an apron pattern. I posted pictures online of my projects and received great positive feedback, encouraging me to sell my aprons. That Sew Shannon came to be. My parents love that I get so much use out of my machine (probably the best present I've ever received).

Now that I have a baby (and a husband, dog, and full time job) I've tried to limit my projects to embroidering only. I look at everything for it's embroidered potential. I think at first it drove Ben crazy that I would find something embroiderable at the store for a good price and I would come home with twenty of that item (dollar bins at Target?!). Now he loves it. I have an embroidery closet (like Mom and Mary) and keep the essentials for last minute gifts.

Mom and Mary are very giving with their talent. They've sewn items for myself and my cousins, all our friends, our sports teams. At Christmas they embroider blankets for the kids staying at the Atlanta Ronald McDonald house. I've started this too, hopefully this year I'll be able to do this for the Temple, TX house (next to the hospital I delivered Betsy!) and the Austin, TX house.

So that's the story. I have tons of sewing pictures, I'll start posting them.

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